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2013 – Current



More and more studies are discovering that we find happiness through experiences instead of material possessions. At the sametime the activities marketplace is extremely fragmented without an easy way to discover and book activities. Furthermore, many activity operators are still offline or powered by antiquated technology. Peek is solving these problem by building a world class platform and service to connect people to experiences.

What is Peek's award-winning platform connecting customers to discover and book activities. cuts through the clutter of thousands of activity websites by providing customers a single cohesive and streamlined user interface to book things to do. The companion app further refines the discovery process by allowing customers to set preferences and discover nearby matching activities.



As Design Director, I designed from scratch a brand and user experience that is modern and friendly, and extended it across all Peek products and touchpoints. With that comes the challenge of designing systems that scale across multiple products for different behaviors.



  • Product strategy — define success metrics
  • Field research — spend time with your customers, understand their pain
  • Customer research — talk to five people that will interact with your product
  • Wireframes — Express your ideas on white boards, paper, & software
  • Prototypes — Quickly test flows, ideas, and understand the feel of a design
  • UI Design — Polish the pixels as we know customers react to visual design
  • Code — Not required but front-end knowledge makes for better design
  • User testing — A/B test and qualitative feedback through the lifecycle
  • Analytics — Check back often to see what's happening
  • Mentoring & Team Building — Growing your designers and improving their skills results in better products and work environment


Logo conveys adventure & travel based on design of airport signage
Peek activity photos display people in engaging and fun activities
Landscape photos depict landmarks without highlighting activities cuts through the clutter of thousands of websites by providing customers a streamlined user interface focused on discovery by Search.

Initiate discovery from Home screen.
Refine discovery criteria with Region or Activity Search.
Activity descriptions with scheduling.
Discover Things to Do with Peek Perfect Days

Peek Consumer App

The app further refines the discovery process by allowing customers to personalize their results and discover activities near their proximity. The app was featured as “Best New App” in the Apple App Store and installed on iPhones across US Apple Stores.

Rich Introduction

Personality Quiz


Activity Details

Passbook Reminders

City Guides


Selected Peek Awards & Press

“World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Travel” — Sept. 2014

Winner of “People’s Choice” Award — Nov. 2013

“A site you want to visit again and again” — Nov. 2012

Aug. 2014
50 Best Websites of 2014

May 2014
Peek Consumer App installed on iPhones across US Apple Stores

December 2013
“Best New App” in the Apple App Store


Additional Fun Things

Re/code Conference 2014:

Demo of Peek consumer and merchant app integration into a seamless user experience.

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