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The market for activities is still dominated by antiquated practices and software. Business operators stitch their operations together across multiple non-industry specific software. Some operators still run their business offline and on paper. Many operators only accept bookings over the phone or with software not designed for activity operators. The result is a fractured user experience for operators resulting in decreased efficiency and lost income.


Peek Pro allows operators to capture bookings and manage their back-of-house operations with a single Saas platform. Activity operators manage all aspects of their business including customer relationships, activity scheduling, employee assignment, and reporting sales.



Customers love the ease of booking and operators love our front-end, back-end, and iOS apps that power their business operations.


Peek Professional

Peek's SAAS platform is a suite of optimized tools that allow activity operators to manage and run their businesses through the entire business lifecycle.


Peek Pro Booking Buttons & Screens

Multiple customer booking buttons options for desktop and mobile. Including calendar and schedule tools.


Peek Pro iPhone app

Native iOS app for operators and guides to manage day-to-day tasks. Review daily activities, schedules, customers, capture bookings and sell extras.

Daily Dashboard

Activity Details

Add Bookings


Peek Pro iPad app

Native iPad app kiosk to sign customer waivers, resale partner activities, and extra inventory.

Schedule of Activities

Sign Waivers

Add On Store

Take Walk Up Bookings


Peek Pro Reviews

30% increase in sales in the first 2 months!!
... With this being said, it was a necessary business move to strategize a better way to capture more customers by making it easier for them to reserve online through our website versus only being available for phone calls and manually plugging in reservations ourselves. Within my first two month of using Peek Pro, our business saw a 30% increase in sales.
I would like to say what really makes this company the only company of its kind, is the cell phone application that integrates with the desktop computers while phone calls are being answered and reservations are being plugged from the back end. My managers are able to see exactly what the schedule is and where new people fit and be plugged and chugged into the cell phone app, allowing my 20+ person staff at all times to know exactly what's going on. As an owner, it is important to know what you are making every day ...
Chase Foster, Owner at Virginia Beach Horseback
Increased Efficiency, Doubled Transaction Value
As a high volume rental water sports operation efficiency at point of sale is critical to our business. Using Peek has expedited our transaction processing time and helped us manage our inventory. As an unexpected benefit moving the customer interaction online has increased our average ticket size. Customers who in-store were only choosing one hour rentals are choosing two hour rentals literally doubling our transaction size with no cost increase to our business.
David Wells, Owner at 101 Surf Sports
Thank you to Alex and Peek for being persistent in getting us online with reservations
We were surprised to see the first months sales almost triple once we went live with the program over prior years for December and December is one of our slowest months usually. Also, time spent on the phone answering questions has been reduced to almost nothing compared to before and we are looking forward to a very busy summer (our busiest time) based on the initial results.
Rod Watkins, NAUI Instructor 1315 at Scuba San Diego Inc.

Peek Pro 5 Overview

Step-by-step guide of the Peek Pro desktop solution for operators.