UX Design Mentor Night

2015 – Current

Co-organizer & Design Mentor


I believe it's crucial for designers with real-world design experience to share their knowledge with up-and-coming designers. Mentoring and sharing expertise with new designers help them from making mistakes. Mentoring benefits experienced designers too as it forces them to clarify their history and thoughts. The result is a better user experience for designers, mentors, and people also.


Cascade SF is a community of product designers joining to transform technology through mentorship. In the past year, Cascade SF hosted over 3,000 mentoring sessions with industry leaders and the San Francisco design community.


Get multiple one-to-one feedback from design experts in three to four 20-minute Mentoring Sessions.

A snippet of October, 18th 2017's mentors

(31 mentors * 6 sessions) - 2 sessions
= 184 mentoring sessions in 1 night


Contributing design and event news to:

Design presentations

Cascade also hosts design events and speaker series. The speaker series is an opportunity for mentors to present in public about relevant design topics.

As part of Cascade's speaker series, I presented on two design topics:

Intro to B2B User Feedback
The Mobile Checkout Process