SAP Community Network


User Interface and User Experience Design
Design Team
  • Lital Mehr: Information Architecture
  • Caroline Sekar: User Research and Project Management


SAP Community Network (SCN), SAP's flagship online community developed organically over a ten year period. During this time SCN grew to over 2 million members with over 8.7 million discussions and documents. The community grew organically and lacked an integrated user experience. As a result, it no longer provided a comprehensive solution to connect users to the wealth of information shared on the site.


The solution was to partner with SAP to rebuild SCN as a modern social community with a redefined user experience and visual design. Rebuilding the user experience required creating a new information architecture and interface design system that incorporated over 8.7 million entries across forums, blogs, documents, demos, tutorials, and videos. Content also included Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian communities.*


As Lead Designer, I guided two user experience and two visual designers over six months to completely redesign SCN. We partnered with SAP's brand team to design a modern aesthetic that highlighted what is most important, the rich user-generated content. We created a nested navigation system to allow members to navigate a deep information architecture quickly. Finally, we designed a scalable, modular design system to incorporate differing content amounts and types.


SAP Community Template – Home

SAP Community Template – Content

SAP Community Template – Search Result


SAP Community Template – Communities


SAP Community Template – User Feed

Displaying five level deep navigation

SAP Community Template – Primary Navigation

Displaying five level deep navigation

Interaction states

SAP Community Template – User Actions Navigation

Interaction states

SCN image from While I Was Working

Previous SCN Design

SCN image from While I Was Working