Design of the First Native iOS Apps for Tours & Activities

2014 – Current

Product Strategy, User Experience and User Interface Design
Design Team
  • Francesca Barber: User Research and Product Management
  • Joelle Belmonte: User Research, UX and UI
  • Akanksha Joshi: User Research, UX and UI
  • Izabela Usarek: User Research and Product Management

I am proud of the design work that I oversee for Peek Pro's iOS apps. Peek created the first native mobile product ecosystem for tour and activities businesses by introducing use case specific mobile products.



  • Peek Pro iPhone: designed for employees, drivers, and guides to run their tour and activity.
  • Peek Pro iPad: as an operator manage your day-to-day business and allow employees to easily capture customers.
  • Peek Pro Kiosk: lets customers skip the line and check themselves in to save operators time.
  • Peek Pro Checkout: our redefiniton of the Point-of-Sale for the tours and activities industry.

Peek's operators are tour and activity businesses that run their day-to-day on-the-go outside of the office. Guides often work outdoors and need tour details easily accessible.


Peek Pro iPhone

The Peek Pro iPhone app is an optimized design that allows operators, drivers, and guides do their business from their pocket.

Operator Dashboard
Guide Daily Schedule
Guide Tour Manifest
Add a Booking

With the iPhone app, operators can easily see a real-time dashboard status of their business. Guides can see their daily schedule and tour manifests. With an additional credit card swiper, employees can capture walkup customers.


Peek Pro iPad

The iPad app is an iPad layout optimized interface to allow customer-facing employees to quickly book customers, sell merchandise, and run day-to-day operations. The additional real estate allows iPad based operators to access advanced tools to reschedule activities, bookings, and reach out to customers.

Operator Weekly Schedule and Booking Management
Customer Facing Digital Waivers Saved to the Cloud
Custom Activity Manifests for Drivers and Guides
Customer Checkin with Receipt Printing and Scanning

Allows customers to skip the line by checking themselves with a self-service mode. Customers find bookings, sign waivers, and self-check-in. An efficient way to reduce lines and cut-costs on paper waivers.


Peek Pro Checkout

I am proud of Peek Pro Checkout, it's the only native iOS Point-of-Sales app for the tour and activity market.


The Peek Pro Checkout app is the result of our design team rethinking the user experience of walkup customers. Based on partner research and competitive analysis, the design team cut the number of steps to book a walkup by 30%. Peek Pro Checkout is a full-service POS with support for receipt & ticket printing, cash drawer, and QR code scanning.


See the Peek Pro Apps in Action