Design Director at Peek, where I lead design of the top booking and business platform for tour and activities operators. I also oversee the brand of Peek’s marketplace and marketing.

As a senior Design Mentor at Cascade SF, I mentored ~200 people. Topics range from career advice, portfolio reviews, and product feedback. I also oversee Cascade’s Facebook community of 1,880 members.

Design Philosophy

As a designer with fifteen years of practice designing online applications, brands, and experiences, I crafted a design philosophy based on the three Cs.

  • Consistency (Systems based design)
  • Clarity (Clear instead of clever design)
  • Content (Design is communication not chrome)

I also focus on defining business value by merging human-centered design with business metrics.

  • By applying human-centered design practices
  • Fostering collaborative team environments
  • Defining goals and KPIs
  • Investigating and iterating

I live in the mostly sunny Bay Area and I can be found on Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and .

Previous Work

My design career started as an NYC based art director for entertainment clients. I was fortunate to be able to design rich-media websites that combined rich interaction with video. My clients included: The Matrix Movie website.

  • Chris Rock
  • HBO
  • Interscope Records
  • Nine Inch Nails

Next, I dove deep into design systems and front-end development at Cornell University. At Cornell, I helped to build a flexible framework for the University’s Content Management System. The framework powered the front-end design of multiple academic units based on Cornell’s identity system.


Personal Work

As part of my personal work, I co-founded 242.pilots, utilizing our custom software, we improvised rich, layered video and audio work as ephemeral real-time performances. 242.pilots won the Image award at the Transmediale festival in Berlin. Independently and as part of the 242.pilots, I performed at:

  • Guggenheim Bilbao
  • MIT
  • MUTEK Festival
  • Museum of The Moving Image
  • PS 1
  • and many more festivals and galleries

Excerpt of 242.pilots live in bruxelles (2002) performance

Process of Realtime
“Process of Realtime” was the first work in the “Process as Design, Design as Process” series exploring the use of computation to create semi-autonomous art.

The videos were produced by defining a set of rules that determine how an image and its tonal equivalent is processed by a series of feedback buffers. After the initial parameters are set, the process of production is unsupervised, and, as such it is ‘self-organising’ and ‘time-based’. Work literally ‘grows’ autonomously, according to the program’s rules and buffers. The outcome of this process of ‘complexity’ is thus unpredictable and integral to the ‘nature’ of the system.

View the three part series at Vimeo.